ACM/EG VAST 2005 – Short and Project Papers

Virtual and Augmented Reality for Cultural Heritage

LumEnActive: A Novel Presentation Tool for Interactive Installations
S. Rapp and I. Weber


Virtual Restoration of Cultural Heritage through Real-Time 3D Models Projection

R. Peral, D. Sagasti and S. Sillaurren


Enhancing Cultural Tourism Experiences with Augmented Reality Technologies
F. Fritz, A. Susperregui and M.T. Linaza


High Fidelity Walkthroughs in Archaeology Sites
L.P. Santos, V. Coelho, P. Bernardes and A. Proença


Interactive Landscapes Reconstruction: a Web 2D and 3D OpenSource Solution
S. Pescarin, L. Calori, C. Camporesi and M. Forte

Jantar Mantar – The Astronomical Observatories of Jai Singh: a Multimedia Project-in-Progress
B. Perlus



Creating an award winning website for Community Archaeology and Research – “Valley of the First Iron Masters” – a case study (
P. Halkon


Wandering the House of the Birds: Reconstruction and Perception at Roman Italica
G.P. Earl


WebTalk04: a Declarative Approach to Generate 3D Collaborative Environments
U. Barchetti, A. Bucciero, L. Mainelli and S. Santo Sabato


Virtual Reconstruction of a Dismembered Andean Mummy from CT Data
M. Fantini, S. Benazzi, F. De Crescenzio, F. Persiani and G. Gruppioni


Usability Analysis of Novel Environments for Interacting with Cultural Heritage
M. Abad, H. Eskudero, C. Lamsfus, A. Alzua-Sorzabal and M.T. Linaza

Easy and Cost-effective Cuneiform Digitizing
G. Willems, F. Verbiest, W. Moreau, H. Hameeuw, K. Van Lerberghe and L. Van GoolSurvey, Modelling and Scientific Integrated Researches for Restoration and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage – A Study of the Bas-Relieves of the Camerino dei Marmi di Alfonso I for the Estense Castle
M. Balzani, M. Fabbri, F. Maietti and N. Santuopoli



Digital Three-Dimensional Modelling of Heritage by Frequency-Modulated Laser Radar: the case of Donatello’s David
A. Cioci, A. Spinetti, L. Carosso and C. Atzeni


Use of Hand-held Laser Scanning and 3D Printing for Creation of a Museum Exhibit
T.T. Allard, M.L. Sitchon, R. Sawatzky and R.D. Hoppa


Smooth Surface and Detailed Voxel Construction with Volumetric Implicit Function for Neurosurgical Simulation
M. Shimizu and Y. Nakamura

Computer Graphics Techniques for Cultural HeritageA Framework for Real-Time Virtual Crowds in Cultural Heritage Environments
G. Ryder, P. Flack and A.M. Dayù 


Towards Image-Based Measurement of Perceived Lightness applied to Paintings Lighting
M.Rossi, D. Gadia, D. Marini and A. Rizzi


Interactive Emergent History as a Cultural Turing Test
E.M. Champion


Image Interpolation by Adaptive Subdivision for Image-Based Walkthrough of Large Scale Real-World Scenes
S. Fang and Y. Bhupalam


Graph Based Pre-Rendered Approach to Virtual Reality for Cultural Heritage Applications
A.F. Abate, M. Nappi and S. Ricciardi


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